Air Traffic Scenario Simulation

Air Navigation Service Providers from different aerodromes exchange information on various scenarios related to expected flight or ground delays, ground turnaround times, etc. In a SWIM-based ecosystem, the stakeholders exchange such information in a publisher-subscriber manner. Our simulation system generates events to simulate these scenarios. The speed of simulation can be dynamically adjusted to provide different degrees of realism.

Map Visualization of Air Traffic Events

The Map Visualizer complements the Scenario Simulator to provide ANSP operators with a visual view of event flows from ANSPs to ANSPs.

Mystiko Blockchain Visualizer 1

We developed SWIM+BLOCKCHAIN using two different blockchains to allow us to make comparisons. The Mystiko Blockchain is our in-house developed blockchain. It has high transaction throughput, low latency, supports search and retrieval on any fields, and big data analytics. In addition, it features privacy-control through secure multiparty computation techniques. In this video, we show visualization of the blockchain for various data fields in SWIM. Details of transactions (events) logged into the blockchain can be retrieved for visualization.

Mystiko Blockchain Visualizer 2

This video shows the same visualizer when scrolled downwards. More blockchain data fields and statistics can be visualized. One of the strengths of the visualizer is the ability to dynamically configure what the end-users want to see. The upper graph is a running graph of a count of the number of times an airport was involved in some air traffic scenario exchange longitudinally. Each colored block corresponds to an airport. The size of each block is the number of times it was involved in certain scenarios.

Hyperledger Fabric

The other blockchain we use is the Hyperledger. The video shows the Hyperledger Fabric view of the blockchain for the air traffic scenarios.

Hyperledger Composer

This video shows the Hyperledger Composer view of the blockchain for the air traffic scenarios. The Composer allows users to see transaction details logged into the blockchain.

More Information

ATMRI is a research institute jointly set up by Nanyang Technological University and Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore.

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